App Development

Great user experience, reliability and security are among the deciding success factors for your mobile app. We develop your iOS or Android app efficiently and to the highest quality standards.

Great apps adapt constantly to ever-changing user needs and platform capabilities. By choosing the right architecture for your app, we allow you to quickly react to new requirements and focus on delivering value to your customers.

You have your own development team and need to temporarily increase your capacity? We are happy to lend a hand.

Backend Development

Apps seldom reside in a vacuum, often they require a backend service in the cloud, integration with your existing systems or a web frontend. Whatever you need, we've got you fully covered.

We are particularly experienced in the following technologies:

  • Java SE and EE
  • .NET/.NET Core
  • Angular, Typescript
  • Python

We'd love to build a complete solution that works for you.

Showcase: FieldWalk

FieldWalk FieldWalk

FieldWalk is a solution that organizes your construction site tours according to priority, floor and room. Site managers have all the data they need at their fingertips. Thanks to highly efficient processes, site managers save precious time reporting problems and coordinating subcontractors. The low-friction integration of subcontractors encourages quick and efficient problem solving.

FieldWalk is composed of a native, offline-capable iPad app for use on construction sites, a web application for back office operations and a cloud-hosted backend that coordinates data flows. High-resolution floor plans are used for easy orientation and precise pinpointing of problems.

Our expertise in native iOS, Angular and .NET Core enabled GD Solutions to source the complete solution from a single partner, and develop an MVP quickly using an agile process.

> FieldWalk in the App Store
> GD Solutions

Showcase: Sensirion MyAmbience

Sensirion MyAmbience

MyAmbience stores and visualizes sensor data from a Sensirion Smart Gadget.

The Smart Gadget is a development kit for the Sensirion SHT3X sensors. Sensirion is the world's leading manufacturer of digital microsensors. The app and gadget communicate via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Our expertise in native iOS development (Swift and Objective-C) and the creation of sophisticated and fast visualiziations, as well as our deep knowledge of Bluetooth Low Energy were a perfect match for Sensirion. We are proud to have been strongly involved in the development of MyAmbience.

> SHT31 Smart Gadget Development Kit